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About Nastassia Davis Photography

Contact me via email or phone: 609.948.4531.

Nastassia Davis Photography specializes in conceptual art portraits, weddings and engagements.

My interest in photography began at 14 years old while thumbing through my father's photo albums of his friends and family on Chicken Bone Beach and the boardwalk in Atlantic City. At 15, after saving up enough money from my part-time job, I purchased my first film camera (Nikon FM-10). I fell in love with taking candid portraits of my friends and family; developing my own negatives and prints.

Receiving a BA in Fine Arts Studio from Montclair State University, I continued using my camera, creating work for a number of exhibitions, assisted celebrity photographers in New York City and started my own photography business.

Volunteering and teaching workshops to inner city children in my community since 2011.